The process of creating IlCaffeItaliano

This is the process of creating authentic, quality Italian espresso that is loved the world over.

1. Selection: In coordination with the roasting, we select the types of coffee that we believe can have a good yield in capsules directly on the plantation. The evaluation of the raw coffee is followed by another in roasting in order to evaluate its integrity.


2. Creation of Blends: The yield of coffee in capsules in the cup requires a versatility that includes the different preparation methods given by compatible machines. We therefore create blends with types of coffee from different parts of the world, in order to enhance the properties of the various origins.

Creation of Yield

3. Roasting: For each type of capsule, we roast the coffee in a specific way: each blend is roasted in a different way according to compatibility. The supervision of this phase is essential because according to the roasting methods different taste profiles are enhanced. Suffice it to say that in the roasting process over 800 aromatic substances are created that represent the sensory heritage of coffee.


4. Degassing: It is important to let the freshly roasted coffee rest and the duration depends on the blend and the type of capsules. This is done to ensure that those chemical-physical transformations started in the previous phase are completed. With the fixation of the aromatic molecules in the fatty substances, aromatic oils will form which is pushed by the release of carbon dioxide and will then emerge to enrich our espresso.


5. Grinding: At the end of the degassing phase, the coffee is ground, with different degrees of fineness according to the needs. It is essential to keep the percentage of impalpable low, in order to allow the water, during the dispensing phase, to extract all the organoleptic properties of the coffee.


6. Packaging: Very few seconds pass from when the coffee is ground to when it is packaged in capsules. The time elapsing between grinding and encapsulation, in fact, is of fundamental importance: 60-70% of the volatile aromas of the coffee are lost in the first 20-30 minutes post-grinding. We use aroma-saving capsules aimed at maximum performance in terms of granule protection, product emulsion and infusion in coffee machines.


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  • Love the insight provided on the production process. It’s quite new and interesting to me but something I’ve thought of before, just never took the time to look into it. Thank you for sharing!

    Jean C.

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