How Italian Roasts espresso is created

  1. Selection: We select the type of coffee beans that we believe can have the best yield in our capsules directly from the farm. The beans are stored in a bonded warehouse and then delivered to our partner to be processed according to rigorous standards.
  1. Roasting: This is the most delicate step in the production process and the one that most determines the taste and flavor of the coffee. Italian Roasts has carefully analyzed various systems and selected a slow roasting cycle that is flexible and fully automated in order to optimize the caramelization of the sugars and the formation of aromas for each individual coffee bean origin.
  1. Creation of the Blends: Each coffee bean origin has its own peculiarities and in order to roast every single bean in a workmanlike manner, we have chosen to roast by single-origin, then we mix the aromas and flavors of the different origins all together only after adequate seasoning.
  1. Degassing: After roasting, blend creation and a further cleansing phase, the coffee is left to mature or degas for a few days in silos. The beans are then certifiably mixed according to the recipes created by the Master Taster (A professional coffee taster used to objectively assess and evaluate the quality of coffee) and then sent to be grinded.                              

  1. Mixing and Grinding: The constant control of the granulometry of the ground coffee and its transport in a closed circuit with the recovery of the aroma, guarantees maximum fragrance. 
  1. Packaging: Packaging of the various blends under a vacuum or in a compensated atmosphere with inert gas (nitrogen) maintains the freshness of taste and aromas over time. Once the packages are done on the assembly line, the result is an amazing product called Italian Roasts.                                                             

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